Sassafras brings you their classic SuperStone line of natural unglazed bakeware that produces spectacular results in your kitchen! This SuperStone Covered Baker allows air to circulate around the baker for uniform browning. The unglazed lid helps regulate moisture to create the crackly crust and light texture of delectable breads baked in professional brick-lined ovens. Base of baker measures 14.5″ long x 5.5″ wide x 2″ high. Measures 6″ high with the lid on. Ships in a reinforced gift box with a recipe booklet to get you started! Sassafras Enterprises began their journey in 1977 with a Chicago-style deep dish pizza set that brought the SuperStone line of baking to life. Their terrific line of bakeware is still bringing professional results to your table. Baking with SuperStone improves the texture and taste of foods. Breads and pizza crusts are crispier, pie crusts flakier and fish, chicken and meats are always tender and juicy. Enjoy the results from your kitchen more with SuperStone. Baking Cloth Instructions: the linen/cotton blended cloth should be placed over a bowl while the bread rises and can also be used for rolling out dough. Flour thoroughly before use and just shake out the flour to reuse. To wash, rinse without soap and hang to dry.

Product Features

  • The classic Superstone line of bakeware produces spectacular results in your kitchen
  • Exclusive set includes a professional-quality baking cloth, ideal for working with dough
  • The natural stoneware and special design ensure optimum heat and air distribution for a crisp finish every time
  • Includes a thorough recipe booklet to get you started
  • Measures 14.5″ long x 5.5″ wide x 6″ high and ships in a reinforced gift box to prevent damage