Keemo 6-Piece Nonstick Bakeware Set: Ideal Cookware to Save Time, Color Your Life.

Are you bothered to choose a Bakeware Set? Are you facing these problems:
1. The cake pan start chipping and bubbling off.
2. The loaf fan coating started flaking off.
3. The roast pan are stains and rusts horribly.
4. The cookie sheet has scratches, burn marks, and residue.
5. The bottom of the muffin pan is too thin. EVERYTHING cooked in it the bottom is over done before the rest of the dish.

If yes, Keemo 6-Piece Nonstick Bakeware Set is your ideal choice.
1. Nonstick Double Marble Coating to prevent coating flaking off after long time using.
2. 0.6MM thickness Carbon steel, can withstand heat up to 550℉, ensures these baking supplies remain rust free.
3. Nonstick durable pans keep no rust, no scratches, burn marks, and residue.
4. Each non-stick baking pan in this bulk set provides even heat distribution for evenly crispy bake.
5. 6-pieces bakeware set is Cadmium, Lead, BPA, PTFE and PFOA Free.
6. 6-Piece Nonstick Bakeware Set provides One-Year money back warranty.

Package Included:
1x bread loaf pan (15.8*11.4*2.8 inch)
1x roaster pan (11.2*6.1*2.8 inch)
1x cookie sheet (17.5*11.2*1.2 inch)
1x 12cups muffin pan (15.8*11.0*1.4 inch)
2x round cake baking pans (11.1*9.0*1.8 inch)

Product Features

  • ☞ 6-PIECE NONSTICK BAKEWARE SET: a 13”x9”bread loaf pan, a 9”x5” roasting pan, a 12-cup muffin pan, two 9” round cake baking pans, a 15”x10′ cookie sheet. Square, rectangle, and round shapes to make brownies cupcakes, muffins, bread, apple pie, pizza, baklava, pot roast, turkey roasting and much more. It is a basic and starter kit to be a baking master.
  • ☞ NON-STICK DOUBLE MARBLE COATING: Unique double coated marble surface provides long lasting durability and scratch resistance. 100% Nonstick and no peel off or blistering to prevent stains and rusts for easy cleaning. No worry about scratches, burn marks, and residue. Stylish marble appearance makes happy moods too.
  • ☞ 0.6MM CARBON STEEL UP TO 550℉: Extra thickness 0.6mm carbon steel higher than the market average 0.4mm, can tolerance to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. High strength created strong resistance to bending, won’t crack or hold odor. Premium carbon steel with fast heat transfer to make evenly crisp baking for your delicious homemade treats.
  • ☞ HEALTH AND ERGONOMIC DESIGN: 100% Whole body carbon steel design baking pans make healthier cookie. Unlike other nonstick cookware, Silicone handles melts with bad smells after high temperature baking will ruin your lovely ideas and efforts. Ours’ extra-wide anti-slip easy to hold handles with much healthy and user-friendly.
  • ☞ APPLY TO ALL OVENS, DISHWASHER SAFE: Heavy duty kitchen and oven essentials that fit in both standard and convection ovens, dishwasher safe. These 6-pieces bakeware set is Cadmium, Lead, BPA, PTFE and PFOA Free. We also provide 1-year money back warranty.